Credit Union “Payment Center” Ltd.

Credit Union “Payment Center” Ltd. is an operator and a settlement center of Zolotaya Korona Payment System (International brand name KoronaPay) and an interbank settlement center of Gorod Federal System.
Official website of international money transfer service KoronaPay:
You can find the statutory documents of Credit Union “Payment Center” Ltd. here
According to ​License No. 3166-К issued by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, Credit Union “Payment Center” Ltd. is authorized to perform the following transactions in roubles and foreign currency:
1. Open and maintain corporate bank accounts.
2. Transfer funds on instructions from legal entities, including correspondent banks, between their bank accounts.
3. Collect cash, promissory notes, billing and payment documents, as well as provide teller services to individuals and legal entities*.
4. Perform non-cash foreign exchange transactions.
5. Transfer monetary funds without opening bank accounts, including electronic funds (except mail payments).
Payment Center recommends to place available funds only in RF government securities qualified by the Bank of Russia as risk-free investments or keep money on correspondent accounts with the Bank of Russia and credit settlement institutions.
Hours of operation of the Credit Union “Payment Center” Ltd.:
M-F: 09.00-13.00, 14.00-18.00 

* The Credit Union is authorized to perform teller services to individuals only in relation to transfer of monetary funds without opening banking accounts (excluding mail payments).